Sports Medicine: Shoulder Injuries

June 20, 2022

Shoulder Injury Treatment in Columbus

Warm weather is here! Along with that comes increased activities outside. This may include basketball, tennis, golf or baseball to name a few. It’s also a time when shoulder injuries could happen. You can do your part with conditioning your body to help prevent an injury. This may include running, yoga, weight training, stretching, drinking plenty of water, nutritional supplements and a well balanced diet. But sometimes injury happens. Some common injuries to the shoulder are rotator cuff injuries, labral injuries, tendonitis and bursitis. Many of these can be treated with conservative or nonoperative care such as rest, Ice, NSAID’s, cortisone, therapy and avoiding aggravating activities. But sometimes these injuries lead to tears and chronic pain and need evaluated by a shoulder specialist. Further workup may involve a complete and thorough physical exam, x-rays or an MRI. If you are experiencing continued pain, weakness, instability or are unable to sleep then you may need to see our shoulder specialists at Hand and Microsurgery Associates. We may just be able to get you back in the game!