About Hand and Microsurgery Associates

Hand and Microsurgery Associates

Hand Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery located in Columbus, OH

For more than 30 years, Hand and Microsurgery Associates in Columbus, Ohio, has been the one-stop resource for expert arm and hand surgery in Central Ohio. The team of board-certified orthopedic and hand surgeons treat a wide range of injuries and conditions, helping patients regain the use of their hands and arms.

Hand and Microsurgery Associates uses state-of-the-art treatments, technologies, and techniques to repair your hands and arms. Their goal is to restore as much of your mobility as possible, quickly and safely. The team treats patients with conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, ganglion cysts, trigger finger, Dupuytren’s contracture, and deQuervain’s syndrome.

The team at Hand and Microsurgery Associates takes a conservative approach to treatment, offering innovative nonsurgical procedures, including injections, aspiration, and collagenase. When surgery is necessary, the experienced surgeons use minimally invasive procedures whenever possible.

In addition to specializing in hand and arm surgery, Hand and Microsurgery Associates provides a comprehensive range of orthopedic care, including sports medicine, diagnosing and treating work-related injuries, and helping patients with other orthopedic issues.

Hand and Microsurgery Associates welcomes new patients and accepts most insurance plans. Appointments are available by calling the practice.