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To ensure you receive a prompt and accurate diagnosis for pain or dysfunction in your upper extremities, the staff at Hand and Microsurgery Associates offer advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests at their office in Columbus, Ohio. The medical specialists provide the latest extremity MRI imaging technology to generate accurate images of the inner structures of your arm, hand, and shoulder. MRI results help determine what treatments are needed to ease your pain and restore function in your upper extremities. To find out more about the benefits of available MRI testing, call Hand and Microsurgery Associates today.

MRI Testing Q & A
What is an MRI?

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a diagnostic imaging test that helps the Hand and Microsurgery Associates physicians get a closer look at the inner structures of your body. The providers offer on-site MRI tests to quickly diagnose damage or disease that’s causing pain or other symptoms.

The sophisticated, in-house MRI technology uses powerful magnets that generate a strong magnetic field. Adding pulses of radiofrequency energy produces images that help your physician identify differences in the tissues of your body to confirm underlying disease or soft-tissue damage.  

Why do I need an MRI?

You may need an MRI as part of your diagnostic evaluation for unexplained pain, limited range of motion, or other medical issues involving your upper extremities. Specialized MRI technology is available in-house that provide highly detailed images of the inner structures of your:

  • Hand
  • Arm
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Fingers
  • Shoulder

The information the MRI provides helps your physician identify the root cause of pain and create the right treatment plan for your condition.

What can I expect during an MRI?

What sets the extremity MRI apart from standard MRI testing is the design of the equipment. During your diagnostic evaluation, you sit comfortably in a chair and place your arm through a small opening in the specialized MRI device.

The technician may ask you to remain still throughout the procedure or you may need to change positions to get the most accurate test results.

The Hand and Microsurgery Associates providers evaluate the results of your MRI to determine if you need additional testing and how to move forward with your treatment.

What are the benefits of MRI testing?

Extremity MRI technology is easier on your body and much quieter than traditional MRI technology.

The setup of this type of specialized MRI ensures you’re more comfortable and able to tolerate the imaging procedure without added pain or complications. You also don’t have to worry about feeling claustrophobic, which is common with standard MRIs that require your full body to move through the MRI machine.

The results of your MRI provide the Hand and Microsurgery Associates medical with detailed information about the extent of your upper-extremity injury or disease to ensure you receive an accurate and timely diagnosis.

If you have unexplained symptoms affecting any part of your upper extremities, you can request a diagnostic MRI by calling Hand and Microsurgery Associates today.