Medical Record Request

To request information from Hand and Microsurgery Associates:

Authorization for the Release of Medical Information

Important Steps:

  1. Complete all fields on the authorization form when requesting the release of your records.
  2. After the form is signed and dated, fax the request to 614-262-0822 or you can email your request to: [email protected]
  3. To check the status of the medical records request, please call (614) 262-4263 and ask for the medical records department.

*  Typical processing time for medical records request is 30 days for onsite records and 60 days for offsite records.

To request information from other healthcare facilities:

Authorization for the Release of Medical Information From Another Facility

To give Hand and Microsurgery Associates access to outside medical records, you will need to authorize release from your current medical provider(s).  Please complete the form and send it to your current provider for processing.

To request radiology or MRI images:

Charge for Copies of Radiological or MRI Images

*  Charges are applied for CD copies if the request is in addition to what is authorized by our physicians, such as second opinions and personal use.