Hospital Healthcare Services in Columbus: What to Do?

June 20, 2022

In today’s healthcare environment, we all need to think ahead, not just about the cost of care and the quality of care (or lack thereof), but who is directing our care once we enter the hospital.

Who do you want to be your advocate? You or your family, or someone who works for or in the hospital?

Hospital Healthcare Services in Columbus: What to Do?

I suspect that we all want to direct our care or have a family member present to direct our care. In hospitals today, the person directing your care and/or providing your care are most likely accountable to or employed by the hospital. In these environments, you and your family fall a far second to the political or contractual obligations of hospital employees or hospital based physicians. This means that healthcare providers staffing the hospital are often contracted or employed by the system and are required to steer your care to other system employed providers. This steering forces you or your family into a system of employed physicians which may or may not be competent and best at caring for your condition.

Instead of letting the healthcare system steer your care without your input, you have some choices and decision to contemplate.

  1. Take the time to identify the physicians in your community who you trust.
  2. Talk to these physicians and assemble a list of physician recommended physicians you may need urgently or emergently.
  3. Develop a personal relationship with a physician with an excellent reputation that is willing to help (most will help if asked).
  4. If you are out of town, reach out to your physician advocate, he/she may have a large national network.

If you are transported by EMS, ask EMS who and where are the best physicians for your problem.

If your problem is not emergent, package yourself up and travel home to your physicians in Columbus, OH. Do not let a physician out of town convince you to have a procedure that is not an emergency.