Tendon Injuries

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Your tendons are strong and durable, but vulnerable to wear-and-tear and acute injuries. The team of board-certified orthopedic hand surgeons at Hand and Microsurgery Associates in Columbus, Ohio, specializes in diagnosing and treating tendon injuries in your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. If you have pain, swelling, and stiffness around your joints, call Hand and Microsurgery Associates to schedule a consultation today.

Tendon Injuries Q & A

What are common tendon injuries?

Tendinitis is one of the most prevalent tendon injuries today. Tendinitis is an inflammatory condition that usually develops gradually with repetitive movements and overuse. The fibers of your tendon develop micro-tears, which irritate and inflame the tissue. For example, golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow are examples of tendinitis in your elbow.

Other common tendon injuries include:

  • Tendon lacerations
  • Ruptured tendons
  • De Quervain’s tendinosis

You can damage tendons anywhere in your body. Tendon injuries are usually gradual, but you can also have an acute injury that tears or ruptures the connective tissue. 

What are the signs of a tendon injury?

Pain and stiffness are the hallmark symptoms of a tendon injury. Your symptoms are usually more intense when you use the tendon or after you’ve rested for several hours. Your injury might also be tender to the touch, red, warm, or swollen. You might also hear or feel a crunchy sensation when you move. 

If you have an acute tendon injury, you might hear or feel a pop and develop sudden and severe pain. 

When should I talk to a doctor about a tendon injury?

If you think you have an acute tendon injury, call Hand and Microsurgery Associates right away. Minor tendon injuries sometimes heal on their own with rest and at-home care. For example, if you have a sore, stiff elbow, take a few days to rest, apply ice, and take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. If your pain and other symptoms don’t start to go away within a few days, call the team at Hand and Microsurgery Associates for help.

How are tendon injuries treated?

The team at Hand and Microsurgery Associates provides customized treatment plans to heal tendon injuries. They begin with a thorough exam to confirm your diagnosis and evaluate the severity of your condition. 

In many cases, they start with conservative treatments like corticosteroid injections, oral anti-inflammatory medicine, and physical therapy. However, in some cases, surgery is your best option to repair your tendon. 

The team offers a wide range of tendon surgery, including bicep repair at the shoulder or elbow, tendon reattachment, tendon grafts, and tendon release procedures. They use state-of-the-art, minimally invasive procedures whenever possible. 

If you think you have a tendon injury, call Hand and Microsurgery Associates today for expert assessment and treatment.