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If you need a knee replacement, you’re not alone — orthopedic surgeons perform more than 600,000 knee replacements every year. The team of board-certified orthopedic hand surgeons at Hand and Microsurgery Associates in Columbus, Ohio, provides expert care before, during, and after your surgery. Call Hand and Microsurgery Associates to schedule a knee replacement consultation today.

Knee Replacement Q & A

What is a knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery restores your knee by removing severely damaged bone and replacing it with medical-grade metal or plastic prosthetics. The team at Hand and Microsurgery Associates offers partial, total, and revision knee replacements. 

A partial knee replacement, also called unicompartmental, repairs one part of your knee. For example, you might need the medial (inside) side of your knee replaced. A total knee replacement restores all parts of your knee, including the medial, lateral (outer), and patellofemoral (front) of your knee. 

A revision knee replacement repairs a prior replacement surgery. Knee prosthetics usually last 10-20 years, so if you had a knee replacement early in life, you might need a revision surgery later. Also, in rare cases, your first knee replacement might not take or heal as expected, and additional surgery is required to restore your knee. 

Why would I need a knee replacement?

Arthritis is one of the most common reasons you might need a knee replacement. After the cartilage in your knee wears away, your bones grind together, which damages their surfaces, creates loose debris, and leads to bone spurs. Some of the signs you might need a knee replacement include:

  • Severe pain and stiffness that limits your day-to-day activities
  • Knee pain that keeps you awake at night
  • Pain and swelling that doesn’t go away with medicine or rest
  • Knee deformity
  • Other treatments don’t relieve your symptoms

If you have arthritis or any of these symptoms sound familiar, schedule a consultation at Hand and Microsurgery Associates to learn about your treatment options.

What happens during knee replacement?

Knee replacement surgery has four steps. Your orthopedic surgeon begins by preparing your bone. They remove damaged cartilage and bone from the surface of your femur and tibia. Then, they place the prosthetic parts to recreate the surfaces of your joints. Next, your surgeon resurfaces your patella, covering it with a plastic button. The final step is the placement of a spacer between the prosthetics to create a smooth gliding surface. 

Whenever possible, the surgeons at Hand and Microsurgery Associates use minimally invasive surgical techniques for knee replacement procedures. Minimally invasive surgeries usually have shorter recovery times and reduced risk of scarring, infection, and other complications. 

If you’re looking for an expert orthopedic surgeon in Central Ohio, call Hand and Microsurgery Associates today.