Hand & Microsurgery Associates knows that the coronavirus and its repercussions are impacting all of us in challenging ways, but we want you to know that you are still in good hands with us. The well-being of our patients and our staff will always be our utmost priority.

This Frequently Asked Questions page will provide you with up-to-date information regarding our operations and policies during this time. Please call us if you have further questions.

Q: Is Hand & Microsurgery Associates remaining open and seeing patients?
A: Yes. HMA is open for our normal office hours. We are seeing urgent and emergent cases only. Please call our office at 614-262-4263 if you need to be seen. We may be able to schedule you the same day and help you avoid the emergency room or urgent care expense and environment.
Q: How will COVID-19 affect my elective surgery?
A: Following national and state guidelines, HMA is handling only emergent cases and surgeries, and we have rescheduled all elective surgeries at this time. If your upcoming appointment is regarding an elective surgery, you will be contacted by our staff to reschedule as necessary.
Q: Is it safe to keep my appointment at HMA?
A: HMA has always been vigilant in cleaning and sanitizing its facilities, and we have advanced our cleaning schedules to safeguard our patients. Our staff always gives maximum effort in disinfecting all office areas, and our employees follow strict hand washing guidelines. HMA is carrying out preemptive patient screening per CDC guidelines, and screening our employees as well. HMA has non-clinic staff to working from home when appropriate to help limit exposure, and we have eliminated non-essential travel and in-person meetings for all employees.
Q: I’m elderly and have been decreasing my travel due to coronavirus concerns. Should I still consider coming into HMA for my appointment?
A: Patients over 70 will be rescheduled for their personal health and safety, unless the situation is an absolute emergency. If you are age 70 or older, you will be contacted by our staff to reschedule upcoming appointments as needed.
Q: I’m not feeling very well. Should I still come into HMA for my appointment?
A: If you have tested positive for the coronavirus, you should most certainly stay home. If you are feeling unwell and haven’t been tested or feel your symptoms are mild, HMA still strongly encourages you to stay home. If you feel however that your orthopedic situation is an absolute emergency, please call us and our staff will work with you to come into our office, or direct you to an Emergency Department as needed.
Q: I was recently traveling. Should I still come into HMA for my appointment?
A: If you have recently been traveling, please alert an HMA employee. HMA will be rescheduling your appointment, unless your orthopedic situation is an absolute emergency. This is for the safety of all HMA staff and patients.
Q: Will HMA allow me to bring someone with me to my appointment?
A: HMA wants to minimize the number of guests in our offices for the health and safety of all patients and staff. This means that we can accommodate patients only in the lobby and clinic space. Medically necessary companions and legal guardians for minors are welcome. All other guests will be asked to wait outside the building.
Q: How will I know if there is a change to my care schedule?
A: The HMA staff will be proactive in contacting you for all schedule changes, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call in our office at 614-262-4263.
Q: I have been hearing a lot about Telemedicine because of the coronavirus crisis. Does HMA offer anything like this as a replacement for an in-person appointment?
A: Currently HMA does offer Telemedicine, however it is new to us. Call the office if you want to request this type of appointment. In normal circumstances, our specialists are not able to provide telemedicine, and it will likely only be available during this national health crisis.
Q: Where should I look for updates from HMA?
A: We will update the COVID-19 Response page regularly, and we will also post updates to our Facebook page and Instagram.