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Carpal tunnel syndrome is a prevalent wrist ailment that affects 4-10 million individuals during their lifetime. If you’re experiencing numbness in your thumb and first three fingers or discomfort radiating up your forearm, reach out to the team of board-certified orthopedic hand surgeons at Hand and Microsurgery Associates who provide Carpal Tunnel treatment in New Albany. They offer specialized assessments and tailored treatments for carpal tunnel syndrome, assisting you in returning to your everyday routines. If you live in New Albany, OH, and are experiencing issues, please contact Hand and Microsurgery Associates today to arrange a consultation.

Carpal Tunnel Q & A

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage within your wrist that encompasses the median nerve’s path into your hand. It is surrounded by bone on three sides and features a robust band of connective tissue known as the transverse carpal ligament forming its upper boundary. Carpal tunnel syndrome develops when inflammation within the transverse carpal ligament or the adjacent tissues leads to a reduction in the available space within the carpal tunnel, resulting in nerve compression.

Some of the signs and symptoms associated with carpal tunnel syndrome are:

  1. Persistent numbness, tingling, and a sensation of burning in your thumb and the first three fingers.
  2. Occasional electrical or shock-like sensations experienced in your thumb and the first three fingers.
  3. Pain or pins-and-needles sensations that may extend up your forearm and reach your shoulder.
  4. Weakening grip strength and occasional clumsiness in your affected hand.

These symptoms can make tasks such as holding a pen or fork difficult, leading to dropped items on occasion.

It’s important to note that in the initial stages of the condition, symptoms may come and go. Many individuals report that their symptoms are more pronounced upon waking in the morning, often attributed to sleeping with their wrists bent. When left untreated, the symptoms may progress, becoming more frequent or enduring for longer periods.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome?

Numerous factors play a role in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. Genetic factors can increase your susceptibility to this condition, including having a smaller-than-average carpal tunnel or other anatomical variances that elevate the risk of nerve compression.

Repetitive movements, such as typing, knitting, or playing a musical instrument, have the potential to induce wrist swelling. Likewise, engaging in activities that keep your wrists in an extended or flexed position for extended periods can contribute to inflammation and subsequent nerve compression.

Furthermore, hormonal fluctuations that occur during pregnancy can lead to wrist swelling, further increasing the likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, certain health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis have been linked to an increased risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

How is carpal tunnel syndrome treated?

Following a thorough examination and diagnosis conducted by the Hand and Microsurgery Associates team, you can expect a tailored treatment plan designed to address your unique situation. Depending on the specifics of your condition, their recommendations may encompass bracing or splinting to maintain your wrist in a neutral position.

In addition to these measures, they may propose the use of anti-inflammatory medications and administer steroid injections to alleviate your symptoms effectively.

Furthermore, the treatment plan might include a referral for hand therapy or occupational therapy, which could involve specialized exercises for nerve gliding. Additionally, they may suggest modifications to your daily activities to help reduce the impact of your symptoms.

In cases where noninvasive treatments prove insufficient in providing relief, the Hand and Microsurgery Associates team offers the expertise of carpal tunnel release surgery. They employ two distinct surgical techniques aimed at alleviating pressure on your median nerve.

To determine whether carpal tunnel syndrome is the underlying cause of your symptoms and to receive personalized treatment, we encourage you to contact Hand and Microsurgery Associates today.

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