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We offer a variety of safe and effective non-surgical treatment options.

All treatment starts with a physician exam and a discussion about your pain or discomfort. In many cases, we find that relief can be achieved Therapist performing non-surgical treatments.through a treatment plan designed to avoid surgery. In any case, you can expect us to communicate openly and honestly, presenting all available treatment options and making recommendations with your needs and goals in mind.

As part of this process, we may request x-rays or other imaging to better understand the source of your pain or discomfort. If we determine surgery is not required, there are a number of treatment options we offer, including:

Rest and medication

Sometimes allowing the injured or afflicted body part to rest can reduce stress on the area and help to heal certain problems. In these instances, we can immobilize the affected area and monitor your improvement.

Outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapy

The best medicine for some injuries is massage or exercises aimed at stretching or strengthening the muscles. The physician may give you a few to try on your own, or you may be referred to one of our experienced hand and arm therapists, who will work with your physician to design a program.

Common Orthopedic Procedures

We can relieve the pressure and pain of some conditions by removing fluid buildup using a thin needle. For significant or troublesome swelling, injections of medicines that reduce inflammation or irritation are often beneficial.

Orthopedic Splints and Braces

We use custom splints instead of plaster casts. Splints not only prevent you from causing more damage but may be the most effective way to fix certain hand and arm problems. Our removable, lightweight splints are customized to you. They are OHSAA approved and may be worn during practices and games, as well as waterproofed for swimming.

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