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What is Jersey Finger?

Jersey Finger occurs when one of the tendons that connects to the tip of our fingers is pulled off from the bone. This happens when our fingertip is overextended.

In some injuries, the tendon is only partially ruptured, but in other cases the tendon can be completely separated from the bone.

What causes Jersey Finger?

Jersey Finger is an injury most common in athletes. Why is this condition called Jersey Finger? This injury was named for the motion that medical professionals observed as the primary cause; athletes grabbing the jersey of another athlete who is pulling away.

Although this is a common football injury, this can occur during other sports and activities as well.

What are the symptoms?

Some of the symptoms you may experience if affected by Jersey Finger are:
  • Bruising after a day or so
  • Swelling of the affected finger
  • Tenderness of the affected finger
  • Inability to bend the finger at the top knuckle
  • Affected finger is warm to the touch
  • Pop felt at the time of the injury
  • Pain at injury site

How could Hand and Microsurgery Associates help me?

Depending on the severity of the injury, an HMA specialist may splint your hand to help the healing process. Yet, if your tendon has completely separated, then you may be advised to have surgery by one of our Board-Certified surgeons.

Surgery may entail pins inserted into the bone to stablize as well as reconstructive surgery to the tendons affected. Physical Therapy is often prescribed after surgery to aid in rehabilitation.

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