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Delaware County EMS receives CPR devices

Delaware County Commissioners accepted the donation of two Autopulse CPR devices totaling $28,440 Monday to be used by the Delaware County Emergency Medical Services.

The donation came from Hand and Microsurgery Associates. Dr. Paul Cook said the practice was celebrating 30 years of practice in the community and was looking for a way to give back.

“I had a recent paramedic that works in Delaware County that injured his fingers on a table saw,” Cook said. “We kind of had a natural synergy.”

Cook said shared with his patient about wanting to give back to the community.

“This young paramedic said, I have a great idea for you,’” Cook said. “He happened to talk to the right guy who had the right pen on the right check on the right day.”

The patient explained that the county’s goal was to purchase an automated CPR device for each captain’s car, as a captain goes to every emergency scene. But they were held back by budget constraints.

“When I heard his story, I knew we had to do what we could to help our colleagues in Delaware County,” Cook said. “In the end, we were able to get them the two automated CPR systems they needed, one for each of the captains.”

Cook said Hand and Microsurgery Associates is Central Ohio’s source for hand to shoulder care that has helped patients regain the use of their hands and arms for more than 50,000 people annually.

Aaron Jennings, Delaware County EMS assistant chief, said CPR for a cardiac arrest victim is the most important thing that can be provided.

“Because it keeps blood circulating to the heart and brain,” he said. “During cardiac arrest there is a stand-still, no flow of blood, without oxygen that tissue starts to die. Unfortunately your heart and brain tissue do not regenerate such as your skin does.”

Jennings said providing good CPR at times can be difficult because those who are providing the compressions get tired. In addition, the patient is being moved during the procedure and is being provided medication and shocks at the same time.

Jennings said the great thing the Autopulse does is it provides steady even compressions to the patient.

“You don’t have to worry about a human getting tired,” he said. “It just provides steady compressions for us while we do all the other things.”

Brandi Van Bourgondien, Zoll representative, said the Autopulse will move four times the amount of blood that a paramedic could.

“During extrication these guys struggle to do high quality CPR,” she said. “This device will continue to run at 45-degree angle, the patient can even be at a 90-degree angle and continue compressions.”

Van Bourgondien said the compression is consistent and custom matched to the needs of the patient.

In other business commissioners:

• Accepted a $2,000 grant from the Ohio Pet Fund for the county dog shelter for the spaying and neutering of dogs.

• Heard a presentation from Kristine Hodge, superintendent of Delaware County Developmental Disabilities, on models of service for the Early Intervention Program.

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